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February 2016
March 2016
  1. Why you should use Google Sheets for personal finances
  2. Google Sheets - Assets - Cash and Stocks
  3. Other and Investment Portfolio
  4. Which Bank Account - Expense Funds
  5. Which Bank Account - Emergency Funds
  6. Which Bank Account - Investment Funds
  7. Looking back at the mistakes we made
  8. Overpaying for rent
  9. Global Bond ETFs
  10. What are Retirement Funds
  11. How we manage our Retirement Funds
April 2016
  1. Mar 2016 Financial Update - P&L
  2. Mar 2016 Financial Update - BS
  3. Why you should use credit cards
  4. Birthday Celebration
  5. Net Worth Update
  6. Why I prefer not to have a recession
  7. Progress update on financial goals
  8. Importance of letting time pass
  9. Monthly passive income hits S$1,000
  10. My hope for FinTech in Singapore
May 2016
  1. Retirement - Superannuation vs CPF
  2. Which retirement scheme do I prefer?
  3. How much cash to hold in our portfolio?
  4. Should we invest in real estate?
  5. Should we invest in a Gold ETF?
  6. How we manage our finances as a couple
June 2016
  1. Monthly dividend income hits S$1,000
  2. Monthly income and expenses
  3. Increasing income vs cutting expenses
  4. Reflections on turning 30
  5. Hopes and plans after turning 30
  6. Case for or against higher education
July 2016
  1. End of Jun 2016 Financial Update
  2. Three Day Work Week?
  3. Should we change our asset allocation?
  4. How and why my wife earns more than me
  5. Financial advice for a new graduate
  6. Target S$500,000 Asset Portfolio
  7. Are my parents ready for retirement?
  8. What I do on pay day
  9. The roles of privilege, luck and adversity
  10. Why my wife is not interested in personal finance
August 2016
  1. Jul 2016 Financial Update
  2. What I do with my performance bonus
  3. How we view our CPF
  4. Our ability to take risks
  5. Support for SGXcafe
  6. Should we have bought a private condo?
  7. What is Our Millennial Way?
  8. Distribution/Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRPs)
  9. Is it easier to build wealth in Singapore?
  10. Average monthly passive income hits S$1,000
  11. Making a claim against an employer
September 2016
  1. How we index invest every month
  2. How we use CPF for housing
  3. Review of our bank accounts
  4. Why S$6,000 is our magic happiness income level
  5. When to wish for an assets fire sale
  6. Feasibility of CPF Investment Scheme
  7. Have I been Value Cost Averaging
  8. Increasing our net worth by S$10,000
  9. Relevant FinTech startups for us
  10. Changing jobs
  11. Increase POSB Invest-Saver to S$400
  12. Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan of S$500
  13. Our annual spending multiples
October 2016
  1. What we learned from my unemployment
  2. Sep 2016 Net Worth Update
  3. ETF Updates
November 2016
  1. Oct 2016 Net Worth Update
  2. The Tracking Effect
  3. 1% commission charges and updates
  4. Getting ready for year end
December 2016

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